Actual Student feedback: (from course evaluations)

"John was a great instructor" (female 18-21yrs old)

"John made this a lot of fun" (male 31-40 yrs old)

"John is a real professional, His presentation and teaching methods were the best,  Can't believe he taught me to accurately shoot without aiming and shoot in the dark,(eyes closed).  (male retired Law Enforcement 56 yrs old)

"I feel confident that I can protect myself if the need arises, We are very relieved that John was there to teach us correctly"   (husband & wife 61-70 yrs old)

"I learned a lot and now am confident in use of my new gun"  (female 22-30 yrs old)

"Very good instructor well worth my time and $" (female 51-60 yrs old)
"Great drills at range-Well done"  (female 51-60
yrs old)

"As a new gun owner I found the class very informative from beginning to end can't wait to practice some of the  drills." (female 51-60 yrs old)

"The best part was going over all the rules and laws coinciding with the responsibility of Concealed Carrying. (female 22-30 yrs old)

"Both John and assistant Joe worked well together and the info was well presented, It was a joy to take this class"  (male 41-50 yrs old)

 'I'm more than happy that I chose this class to take   Great Value!!!! "  (female 61-70 yrs old)
"I had a great time and now feel more comfortable using my new pistol,  John did a super job and really helped me"  (female 51-60 yrs old)


Our Goal: To Teach Personal Protection For You And Your Family!!!

Our diversified teaching method continues to grow by following current laws, improving our teaching methods, and listening to the student. (See comments above)

Our unique service has established our place in this area. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our students.

We will provide contact info of previous students upon your request.